Reducing our Carbon Footprint

  • As a large consumer energy and producer of both paper & plastic substrates our environmental impact is significant and as part of environmental management system’s we do assess our environmental impacts regularly and take actions to mitigate our significant impacts. This approach is in line with our general CSR policy themes of respect and reduce .
  • As a responsible manufacturer the Polyart group is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of all our products and are actively in the process of establishing what our footprint is.
  • At the present time this is limited to Scope 1 & 2 emissions, but once we are in control of our own scope 1 & 2 emission’s we are committed to both evaluating and reducing our scope 3 emissions in partnership with our suppliers.
  • Our Group target is to reduce the Scope 1 & 2 emissions footprint of all our product ranges by 20% by 2027. With 2021 being the baseline year.
  • Significant progress has been made in 2022 towards our goal of 20% reduction by 2027.
Carbon Footprint
Responsible Consumption Production
Scope 1 & 2 Emissions Performance kg CO2e per production unit
  Production unit< 2021< 2022 Reduction<
Arjobex Europe Tonnes 697 616 11.6%
Arjobex America Tonnes 1047 986 5.8%
Tech Folien Tonnes 122 111 9.0%
MDV 1000 m2 21.53 20.36 5.4%
Reisewitz 1000 m2 144.4 114 0.3%
  • These reductions have been achieved by implementing energy saving programs, educating our workforce on energy efficiency, changing our work practices, investing in new energy efficient technologies, and improving our production efficiency.
  • 2023 has already seen our Polyart manufacturing plant in the UK switch to a certified renewable energy contract which will significantly lower the Arjobex Europe emissions in 2023, the full impact of which will be reported in 2024
  • In the event we do reach our goal of 20% by 2027 then we’ll set a new goal to reduce our footprint further.