Service Film

We offer you films with special features

Our capabilities and expertise include:

  • carry out blown film extrusion for manufacturing PE and PP products
  • offer in-line web cleaning for coating applications, ensuring high-quality finishes
  • provide release liner films designed for the silicone coating market and medical sector, particularly for wound dressings
  • carry out lamination films suitable for direct food contact packaging, stand-up pouches, and insulation applications
  • manufacture tapes for the self-adhesive market and packaging films catering to bag-in-a-box, food processing plants, and various industrial needs

Our synthetic papers are tailored for applications such as wine glass labels, tags, and narrow web reel-to-reel printing.

A dedicated and experienced team

  • A 38 years’ wealth of experience in polymers, additives, extrusion, printing and coating
  • Industrial chemists in 3 separate sites and in house R & D
  • Group Film Development R & D Team

What are your advantages ?

Experienced in-house staff for coating

Blend references given to each customer per product

Mid-term storage

Competitive costs

Quick turnaround

Reduced carbon footprint

Sustainable solutions

Food contact accreditations


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