Service Coat

We bring you extensive expertise in coating spanning many years! Whether you require a basic substrate coating or intend to collaborate with us in developing a customized coating solution to be applied using our machines, we are here to assist you.

Explore the solutions available for coating papers, cardboards, and films through our high-quality service. Our offerings include:

  • the development of any type of your coating needs with our very experienced R&D lab, in perfect harmony with your substrate
  • the application of any kind of coating :
    • water-based coating for both conventional and digital printing, solvent based or special UV coatings for an ultra-matt result
    • all the traditional printing coatings (offset, flexo, ..),
    • all the digital printing coatings including WBIJ, laser, Indigo and thermal transfer,
    • functional coatings including barrier coatings, ink-receptive coatings for various printing technologies, color and fluorescent coatings, and siliconizing

We offer Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) to ensure confidentiality and protection of sensitive information. Our NDAs are designed to safeguard your proprietary data throughout our engagement.

In addition, we provide support for :

  • identifying partners for self-adhesive lamination
  • collaborating with adhesive manufacturers
  • collaborating with printing companies
  • offering logistics services, including freight and short to mid-term storage for customer products

A dedicated and experienced team

  • Experienced in-house R&D team for coatings and an entire expertise within the Group
  • Experienced in-house staff for coating, Experts in different markets/applications

What are your advantages ?

water-based, solvent based or special UV coatings

In-house long-term R&D expertise

Experienced in-house staff for coating

Competitive costs

Responsiveness and flexibility

Mid-term storage

Identifying partners

Private and confidential solutions

Sustainable solutions


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