General Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

As a new combined group Arjobex – MDV – Techfolien & Reisewitz have taken the opportunity to review how it wishes to conduct business in the future and what kind of culture it wants to establish, grow, and encourage.

As a new group we understand and accept that businesses today have a duty of care towards both our employees, society, and the environment if we wish to be profitable, grow sustainably and still exist as a company in the future.

As a result of this we have put corporate sustainability at the heart of our business plan and is built on the 3 pillars of Respect, Reduce and Recycle. What we call the 3 R’s.


For all our employees by providing a working environment that is inclusive and free from discrimination and harassment with procedures in place to air grievances without fear of recrimination, and where colleagues are listened to and encouraged to contribute to the success and growth of the business.
For the Environment by evaluating and understanding the impact our operations have on it and taking steps to mitigate those impacts.
For customers, suppliers, and all other stakeholders where through collaborative, open, and transparent communication we work together to build partnerships that benefit all parties.
For the law, complying with all relevant local, national, and international legislation & regulations relating to Employment, Health & Safety, Environmental and Finance.


Risk to employee health and well-being, through provision of a safe working environment, training, personal protective equipment, health screening and continuous improvement of our Health & Safety Management systems.
Risk to business operations and supply to customers through regular risk assessments of the supply chain and continuity planning.
Raw material consumption through the development of new simplified products and improvements in production efficiency and increased recycling.
Energy and water consumption through the use of new technologies and establishing best practice between manufacturing sites.
Impact on environment through monitoring of our activities and continuous improvement of our environmental management systems.


Invest in new technology to increase the amount of production waste we can reuse.
While the group operates in parts of the world where water is readily available it is a valuable resource and where possible we will look to recycle the water, we use in our manufacturing processes whenever viable to do so.
We will look to both minimise the packaging we use and ensure that the packaging materials we use are either recyclable and/or made from recycled materials.
In addition to using our own production waste we will develop and manufacture new products that contain post-consumer waste at levels beyond that of legal minimums.

In addition to our own reporting each of the group’s manufacturing sites are committed to undergoing an annual CSR assessment to have the effectiveness and development of our CSR programs reviewed independently.

Performance and progress on the three R’s will be reported on annually and made available to all stakeholders on our website.