About us

Arjobex specialises in the production and sales of synthetic paper under the established and global brand Polyart®.
A global leader in the manufacturing of synthetic paper, Arbojex has been a partner in the printing industry for over 50 years.
With worldwide sales, Arjobex operates manufacturing sites and R & D centres in both Europe and North America.

Company Profile

  • 170 employees
  • 3 production sites:
    • North America : Charlotte, NC
    • Europe :
      • Clacton-On-Sea (U.K.)
      • Rives (France)
  • R&D centers in Europe and in the United States
  • A registered trademark : Polyart®.
  • Sales offices in Charlotte NC (USA), Paris (France), New Delhi (India), Guangzhou (PR China) and Singapore
  • Sales worldwide
Polyart - logo-50th

Our history

  • 68’s Invention of Polyart Synthetic Paper in Europe
  • 80’s Launch of easy to print coated Polyart by British Petroleum/Arjowiggins joint venture
  • 90’s Charlotte, USA facility opens
  • 2000’s Asian development, sales office in China (Guangzhou) and Hong Kong
  • 2007 2 metre width capacity
  • 2010 Digital range
  • 2013 Arjobex Security
  • 2016 Polyart Laser
  • 2017 Sales office in India
  • 2018 Arjobex 50th anniversary
  • 2020 Arjobex acquired the MDV group
  • 2021 Creation of Polyart group

Arjobex Headquarters – FRANCE

Charlotte, NC – USA

Rives – FRANCE