Frequently asked questions2020-05-30T18:36:45+02:00

Frequently asked questions

What is the Polyart Group’s CSR policy?2023-08-08T10:10:48+02:00

Polyart Group believes in:

  • being a responsible producer
  • reducing our environmental impact
  • developing sustainable products that are recyclable

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What is Polyart®?2020-05-22T19:30:39+02:00

A high-density Polyethylene film with a matte clay coating on both sides.

What are its characteristics?2020-05-22T19:31:22+02:00

Very durable, almost completely tear-proof, resistant to most oils and chemicals, very water-resistant and very easy to print by all processes.

Which printing processes are most suitable for Polyart?2020-05-22T19:32:05+02:00

Polyart can be printed by conventional processes such as flexo, litho, offset UV, gravure, rotary letterpress, screen, as well as variable information systems such as thermal transfer, ion deposition, dot matrix and digital such as UV inkjet.
For digital printing you must use the specific products of the Polyart range: Polyart for HP Indigo, Polyart water-based inkjet and Polyart Laser.

Is Polyart printable by inkjet?2020-05-22T19:34:36+02:00

Polyart can be printed on UV inkjet, for the other technologies (aqueous, solvent, eco solvent) Polyart requires a specific treatment.

Will Polyart run on my copier?2020-05-22T19:35:02+02:00

Probably not. Most copiers’ fuser rolls are too hot. When Polyart gets too hot, it will shrink. (However, Xerox does have a new low-temperature copier that will probably work.)

Will Polyart run on my laser printer?2020-05-22T19:35:30+02:00

It will run if you use the Polyart Laser range.

Why is Polyart clay-coated?2020-05-22T19:35:58+02:00

Clay coating eliminates the two biggest problems of plastic sheets: static and slow drying. Polyart has no static and provides a smooth, uniform surface that speeds drying.

How long does Polyart take to dry?2020-05-22T19:36:26+02:00

Polyart dries much faster than most plastics. To make completely certain it has hard-dried, you should let it dry overnight.

What precautions do I need to take when using Polyart outdoors?2020-05-22T19:36:49+02:00

None. Polyart contains no artificial whiteners or brighteners, which cause other plastics to become brittle and break in the sun. Polyart holds up very well outdoors in sunlight but we recommend the use of lightfast inks.

Does Polyart come in a pressure-sensitive grade?2020-05-22T19:37:13+02:00

Yes. Many of our customers convert Polyart into pressure-sensitive products. If you’re interested, contact us and we’ll suggest some pressure-sensitive converters to you.

What is the range available? Can I get a special sheet size?2020-05-22T19:37:43+02:00

Go to the Product range section.

Where can I buy Polyart? Can I get a brochure or samples?2020-05-22T19:38:09+02:00

Please Contact us for information, brochures or samples.

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