Thermal Transfer Printing

Thermal transfer printing is the most frequently used technology worldwide to transfer variable data (such as barcodes, serial numbers, logos, dates of sales …) onto labels and flexible packaging.

This data enables identification and tracking of products for the duration of their lifetime. It is therefore essential to use the right combination of print technology and substrate to ensure a durable result.

This best in class printing technology, combined with the durability of Polyart synthetic paper, offers the best solution for your industrial labels.

Thermal transfer printing gives excellent results on Polyart.

  • Polyart works with all 3 major categories of ribbons : wax, wax/resin and resin.
  • Polyart is compatible with a very wide range of ribbons from all manufacturers.
  • Its clean, sharp print definition improves the scanability of bar-codes.

We worked in partnership with Armor and DNP, leaders in thermal transfer ribbon printing, to define the best match between their ribbons and Polyart grades.

Please find below their test results.

Polyart - label-compatibilities

Inkanto Flat-Head ribbons

Polyart - label-compatibilities

Inkanto Near-Edge ribbons

DNP – Durability Testing Report


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Polyart - Thermal Transfer Printing
Polyart - identification and tracking