IML Labels

Polyart IML substrate enhances your brand and packaging design. In Mold Labeling is a predecorating label technique. The label is placed in the open mold and becomes an integral part of the container after blow molding. Polyart IML offers a superior solution for your IML needs.

In our range we have special Polyart® grades for IML (in-mould labelling) with the following characteristics:

  • Suitable for a wide range of operating temperatures
  • Coating which reduces static for easy printing and “pick and place”
  • Dimensional stability ensures even application of the label
  • Improves productivity (shorter cycle time)
  • Polyethylene base 100% compatible for PE & PP containers
  • Very effective on large container labels

Sustainability and IML : advantages of the IML process

  • Bottle Weight reduction.
  • 100% HDPE mono-component labelling technology.
  • No glue residues that disturb recycling process.
  • No silicone release liner waste to landfill.

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IML: bottle production and labelling in one single process

IML Label
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