Food labels

Labels printed on Polyart® synthetic paper remain in perfect condition with perfect legibility even when they are in direct contact with greasy, damp, refrigerated or frozen foods.

The advantages of Polyart® for food labels:

  • Suited to direct contact with food
    • European directive n° EU 10/2011 for non-acidic foodstuffs with a pH > 5.5
    • Special grade for FDA compliance
  • Water and grease-resistant
  • Resistant to tearing and elongation
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Lends itself to freezing
  • Polyart can withstand temperatures as low as -60°C
  • Excellent print finish
  • No machine direction, optimises all the sheet for the printed image
  • Enables perfect bar code definition printed by thermal transfer
  • Manufactured in Europe and the United States


  • direct contact with food labels: cheese, ham, bacon, chicken, seafood, meat identification labels, slaughterhouse labels…
  • Indirect contact with food: net bags, frozen food labels, ice cream lids, ready to eat dishes, bottle neck collar, coupons…

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polyart - Water and grease resistant