Arjobex is introducing a new range of Polyart synthetic papers based on post-consumer recycled HDPE polymer to reduce its carbon impact and help our customers reach their sustainability goals.

r-Polyart contains 30% of Post-Consumer Recycled HDPE
• Consistent and reliable sourcing of high-quality recycled HDPE with lower carbon footprint than virgin polymers
• Compliant to EU 2030 packaging target of minimum 30% recycled content
• Contributes to circular economy and reduction in landfill and ocean waste
• r-Polyart looks and feels like Polyart Standard
• Proprietary manufacturing process limits impact of gel contamination from recycled polymers on the aspect, smoothness & film printability
• As a recycled material—not guaranteed to be food contact compliant
• r-Polyart with 30% PCR can be recycled . . . . . . again!

Features and Benefits of r-Polyart
• Its mechanical properties are very comparable to Polyart Standard.
• It is water and tear resistant, its elongation at break is even higher.
• Resistant to a wide range of chemicals.
• Excellent printing and ink drying by conventional printing technologies.
• Excellent thermal transfer printing with a wide range of ribbons.
• Good stiffness for conversion and automatic label dispensing
• Good opacity
• Die-cuts extremely well.
• No static issues.
• High dimensional stability

r-Polyart product range

  • 80 g/m² coated one side
  • 90 g/m² coated two sides
  • NEW: 75 g/m² coated two sides

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Polyart - Virgin HDPE pellets

Virgin HDPE pellets

Polyart - Post-consumer recycled HDPE pellets

Post-consumer recycled HDPE pellets