Polyart Satinex is a very versatile, durable, chemical resistant and waterproof film. It has fantastic gauge control, printability and dead-fold properties and is extremely strong making it perfect for tags and labels subjected to harsh environments. Great for outdoor applications up to two years.

Polyart Satinex can be printed by the following methods: Flexography (chilled rollers advised), Gravure, Litho, Offset, Letterpress, Silk Screen and Thermal Transfer

  • Hybrid wax/resin ribbons recommended for TTR

Polyart Satinex is a blown HDPE film, making it fully #2 recyclable as an HDPE. It is also available in multiple colors (minimums apply)

Please see our suite of Polyart Satinex products below:

Polyart Satinex Standard

  • High tensile and tear resistance in both directions
  • High opacity
  • Outdoor use up to 2 years
  • Great for conventional printing up to 3 colors (flexo with chilled rollers advised)
  • Perfect for applications such as VIP printing w/1-2 colors in flexo; food/carcass tags, Industrial TTR tags, loop lock/self-tie tags; horticultural tags
  • FDA 21 CFR for direct food contact
  • Available in multiple colors including red & yellow (minimums apply)
  • 100 % Recyclable as #2 HDPE

Polyart Satinex HLS2:

  • 50% Increase in MD yield strength over Polyart Satinex standard
  • For high graphic tags (up to 4 colors/front & back); very stable for tight register printing in MD (UV flexo with chilled rollers)
  • Outdoor use up to 2 years
  • Ideal for narrow web printing of various tag applications: Net bag tags (seafood, fruit, vegetables); luggage tags, garment tags, plant tags (suspended), shelf talkers
    • *net bag tags no more than a few hundred grams
  • Perfect for narrow web printing of wine glass shaped tags
  • Excellent for rotary die cutting & punching
  • FDA 21 CFR for direct food contact
  • Recyclable as #2 HDPE

Polyart Satinex X-Tear:

  • Ultra-high strength HDPE, virtually indestructible tag material
    • Over 500% elongation at break in both directions
  • Writable with ball point pen
  • FDA 21 CFR for direct food contact
  • Great for tag applications where item is lifted by tag, industrial tags in harsh environments—especially heavy items, applications where tag is stitched, loop-lock tags
  • Easy to convert and perf—perf will not initiate a tear
  • Recyclable as #2 HDPE2

Polyart Satinex DT:

  • Suited for Direct thermal printing (DT coated 1 side)
  • Coating is Bisphenol-A free
  • Works well for a wide range of direct thermal printers
  • Direct food contact only if food is to be skinned or washed
  • Ideal for applications such as retail, leisure and logistics applications

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