Ultrametal is a coated paper in which the metallic particles are enveloped in binder, such that, the material becomes non-conductive, enabling electrographic printing technology to be used for best effect.
The surface exhibits a beautiful silver-matte silk finish, which can be used for the highest quality graphics.
Ultrametal can be printed by dry-toner, UV inkjet or UV Offset.
OEM’s include Ricoh, OKI, Konica Minolta, Xeikon and others.

Main applications:

  • High quality tags and labels
  • Greeting cards
  • Gift/Discount vouchers/Tickets with security prints
  • Book covers
  • High value business cards
  • High value brochures
  • Posters
  • Craft paper for schools


  • double-side coated paper in 125 and 360 gsm weights
  • single-side coated paper in 78 gsm for self-adhesive conversion for labelling applications.

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